August 20th-August 26th Newsletter

It’s August! Welcome to the wonderful world of crunchy news!!

Crunch time news

It’s now that time. Grab some popcorn and start scrolling. It’s time for Crunch Time News.

Group Changes

We have a few changes taking place in our group. Here they are:

  • We have made it up to 264 members this week!
  • Please make sure you’ve accepted the welcome packet!


Kim Soto is our Small Business Sunday feature! You can view her profile here.



Did you know that not all CBD oils are created equally? Discover how this amazing one of a kind CBD Hemp Oil can help you!

The pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know about this legal alternative!

“Half Of People Who Use CBD Products Stop Using Pharmaceutical Drugs”


Admins of Crunch Time: Veronica Hart (myself), Jerica Quick, Veronica Hartley, and Tiarra Moffitt

NEW Mods of Crunch Time: Kendra Maresch Brown, Mia Caton, and Erica Jo Moncelle

Participation, Events, and Contests

I am still working on getting the 100 members bracelets out. If you are a new member and need an anti-vax bracelet please feel free to fill out the Anti-Vax Bracelet Request form.

Anything else?

If you want to participate in our blog posts or love to write, hit us up. We are more than happy to let you update our blog as well!